Band Biography

General Information

L'chaim Kapelye is a 7-piece ensemble based in Manchester, who specialise in infectious dance tunes and soulful songs of the klezmer and yiddish folksong tradition. We all started out as music students at the University of Manchester who undertook playing in the university klezmer ensemble, The Michael Kahan Kapelye with Richard Fay and Ros Hawley.

We have played at a variety of events in partnership with local Jewish organisations such as the Muslim-Jewish Forum and the Manchester Jewish Museum. We regularly meet at the Manchester Jewish Museum for the "Gathering of the Klezmorim" events, where we perform alongside other keen Klezmer-lovers in the area. We have also participated in fundraising ventures for the University of Manchester RAG (Raise And Give) society and work closely with the FED, participating in reminiscence sessions in Jewish care homes around Manchester. We will be collaborating with the MJM next summer with the Jewish-meets-Irish events in Manchester.

We regularly play at private functions (Bar Mitzvahs, Dances and Weddings).

The Band

Pippa Goodall - Fidl/Voice

Pippa began her musical training with a bang by singing 'Black Hills of Dakota' during Solo Time in a pre-school music class and highly embarrassing her mother. She was consequentially sent off to boarding school, where she became a chorister at Salisbury Cathedral. She has been playing the Violin since she was five years old, but only discovered Klezmer at university, where she took to it like a duck takes to water. She is also very enthusiastic about all things Barbershop, and is the founder of Amethyst Capella, the ladies' barbershop chorus at the University of Manchester, which she directed for two years, until she moved to London and became musical director of the Capital Chorus. She is currently training to be an account. Her hobbies include reading, cleaning the house, and yoga.

Jemima Kingsland - Flute

Jemima began playing flute at the age of 8 which was a welcome change from playing recorder in church. Coming to university in Manchester has given her a huge new range of performance opportunities which has been really exciting but the favourite is definitely klezmer as it is completely different from anything else she has tried before, and is also the most fun Jemima's hobbies include reading, knitting and trying to learn whatever instrument she has found lying around the house (currently an Autoharp)!


Daniel Mawson - Clarinet
Daniel has always been interested in music, even if he has suffered (and still does suffer) a certain aversion to practice since the age of 8. Although a clarinetist in L'chaim Kapelye, he has also played the saxophone since the age of 10 and enjoys performing in a variety of styles, including early jazz with his band the Dixie Roots Collective, big swing as the baritone saxophonist in the Manchester University Big Band and as a tenor in various barbershop choruses. He currently runs his own function band, Chromatix and is an intern with Classical Evolution, whilst completing a Masters degree in Musicology. Playing klezmer music fits in with his musical outlet of making things up in a life filled with attempted logic and organisation. Daniel's musical ambition would be to be able to play any Reed part in the pit band of any musical; the current project is hashing his way through learning the flute [there is still a long way to go with that one...].

Ellie Sherwood - Clarinet
Ellie is originally from Bournemouth right by the sea, but has been living in Manchester for over two years now and absolutely loves the city, as it has so many exciting opportunities for musicians. Studying at the university has been an incredible experience for Ellie, and in the future she hopes to work within the field of ethnomusicology – an aspiration that has been massively influenced by discovering and playing klezmer. Ellie loves to play a variety of different musical styles, and playing in L’chaim Kapelye is one of the most enjoyable things she does.

Hat Wells - Clarinet

Harriet began her musical career at the early age of 4 where her and her older sister would attend piano lessons together. Harriet excelled at this chance of competition and would find a wide variety of ways to improve including hiding her sister's music so she in turn could not practise. Having been encouraged to pursue other musical roots separate to her sister's, she took up the clarinet and has been playing seriously since. After training and performing for so many years in a highly classical environment, diving into the realms of klezmer came to Harriet rather like a dog trying to roller skate. Fortunately, the competitive edge reigned supreme and, coupled with her huge love for the music, she has managed to find the yiddish voice in her clarinet


George Turner - Trombone

George has been playing the trombone for over 12 years, but likes to dabble in various other musical disciplines, including piano, percussion and voice. An avid jazz musician, he discovered a much wider range of genres at university, ranging from Dixieland to the Avant Garde. Klezmer music has grown on George considerably since his introduction to it last year, and it now features heavily in his Spotify history. When not playing, writing or listening to music, he enjoys fine literature, cooking, going to the theatre and running really fast until he gets tired.

Lucie Phillips - Bass/Voice

An enthusiastic bass guitarist and singer, Lucie is part of a variety of ensembles including a blues trio and several chamber choirs. Having also played piano since the age of 7 she enjoys the vibrant range of genres her instruments offer. Now in her final year of university Lucie hopes to pursue a career in music therapy. Aside from music, Lucie has a passion for hockey, reading and organising events.