L’chaim Kapelye recently played at our function. Their beautiful music uplifted our party. They combine talent, musicality and professionalism. They were delightful to deal with and engaged entirely with our requirements. I would highly recommend them.

Dr Anna Kwartz (Bat Mitvah)

I have heard L’chaim Kapelye, in concert, on a few occasions and each time the impact has been to lift the mood of the audience. This Klezmer group have a great connection between them and this has the effect of making them sound fantastic together. There are also solo pieces, which show off the talents of the individual performers. Some of the group are skilled multi-instrumentalists. There are two vocal soloists, both of whom are gifted with beautiful voices and they have taught themselves to sing in Yiddish, a difficult but expressive old language. This is a great party band and they are at their happiest when the audience are singing with them and on the dance floor. They are highly recommended.

Jackie Lewis (Muslim-Jewish Forum concert)

This enthusiastic group of highly talented musicians recently played their music to an audience of residents at Heathlands Care Home. The residents were enthralled and delighted. So successful was the event that they were immediately invited to return to perform a concert at Heathlands on the first night of Chanukkah next. They will bring joy and pleasure to all and in conjunction with the Chanukkah candles will light up the room.

Charles Bloom (Reminiscence sessions)

A massive shout out to our outstanding klezmer band - we had to dig a little to find a good one that wasn't just rocking the gypsy hipster angle and boy did they deliver!!! They totally vibed out the place, lots of people (myself included) had little to no experience of this great traditional dance music and pretty much everyone got right into.

Simon & Louise (Wedding)